Value Horse Shelter
Jim's Supply Company, Inc.

Value Horse Shelter

We also fabricate Roofing material that can be paired with this item. 

The Powder Mountain 12' x 12' Value Horse Shelter gives you the durability and flexibility that you can trust to keep your horses sheltered from the weather. Value Horse Shelters are constructed of 1.66 inch outer diameter 16 gauge tubular frames with 1.66 inch outer diameter 13/16 gauge trusses. Connect Powder Mountain horse panels to the front or back of the Value Horse Shelters to create horse runs or horse corrals. With the optional over hang you can add an extra 2 feet to the roof of your horse shelter for added protection. Connect the Value Horse Shelter Add-On Sections to your Value Horse Shelter to create multiple horse shelters. Horse shelters must be anchored to keep them in place. They can be easily moved by a strong wind or the horse themselves.
  • Sides and Backs include tabs and hardware for plywood.
  • Horse Shelters include front support bow that can remain for clamping panels to or can be removed for inserting a gate/panel combo.
  • The heavy duty horse shelter trusses meet 30 lbs. per foot snow load rating.
  • Butterfly clamps are included for easy assembly.
  • Detailed instructions are included with each horse shelter, giving assembly, anchoring & wood cutting information.
  • Add Sections are available for side by side horse shelters.
  • 2' Patio Overhang is available for additional protection for our horses.
  • Optional Manger Feeders


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