Powder Creek Round Pen
Jim's Supply Company, Inc.

Round Pens

 All-Around Round Pen Features

  • Available in 1 5/8-inch, 18-gauge, or 2-inch, 16-gauge; 40 or 60-foot
  • 12-foot panels ideal for round pens
  • 1 5 /8-inch panels available in 64-inch height
  • 2-inch panels available in 72-inch height
  • Connecting systems - pin and clip, wrap-around chain, butterfly clamps and unique 2-inch panel connectors
  • Recessed in-line pipe stays eliminate sharp edges
  • Bow Gate is 6 feet wide and 9 feet high allowing easy entry/exit into round pen
  • Lever Latch on Bow Gate can be opened from horseback

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