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Metal Roofing Supplied by Jim's Supply
Metal Roofing Supplied by Jim's Supply
Fabricating a Galvanized Metal Panel
Manufacturing a White Metal Roofing Sheet
Jim's Supply Company, Inc.

Metal Panels and Roofing Sheets - Wholesale

JSC manufactures high ribbed roofing and siding sheets locally - Custom Lengths Available


- Panel Coverage: 36"
- 12" Centers have trapezoidal rib
- Rib Height: 1 1/4"
- 26 GA standard

- Colors Available: White, Galvanized

Jim's Supply fabricates roofing sheets and metal panels used for siding on steel buildings and outdoor structures. We are the only vendor in Bakersfield that can produce custom lengths!

We manufacture on site!

JSC is the premier supplier for roofing sheets, panels, siding for sheds, and misc outdoor structure components. Our manufacturing capabilities, along with our established relationships with long time mill vendors, make us the perfect solution for your project! 

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