Woven Bird Netting - Wholesale
Woven Bird Netting - Wholesale
Woven Bird Netting - Wholesale
Woven Bird Netting - Wholesale
Jim's Supply Company, Inc.

Woven Bird Netting - Wholesale

Protect your investment with high quality netting


  • Netting is flexible in length and width to fit a variety of leaf canopy heights and widths.
  • The exclusive "Spacing and Centering Stripes" come standard and make installation easy!
  • Premium Grade - designed for 3-5+ seasons of U.V. exposure (many of our customers report getting 6 years or more with proper handling and storage). 
  • Super Premium Grade - designed for 7-10 seasons of U.V. exposure

* Seasons refer to 4-8 week period that netting is used to protect fruit from veraison to harvest.


  • Wine grape vineyards
  • Table grape vineyards
  • Blueberries
  • Temporary netting of structures to protect cherries, raspberries, and other fruit crops

Material: Knitted, rip-stop, high density polyethylene

Mesh Size: .75" x .75"

Mesh Pattern: Diamond

Dimensions: Flexible length & width

Color: Green

Packaging: In A Bag 

Size: 17' x 2,500' 

Bird netting protects your crops and fruit from costly bird damage. Jim's Supply carries high quality netting for bird control. Bird netting can be used for crop protection for a variety of fruits and vegetables, although most of our customers use it to protect their grapes.

Our woven netting option is a knitted, diamond mesh that is strong, durable, and flexible, making installation and removal a snap. The diamond mesh design net flexes in length and width to fit a variety of fruit trellises and canopy dimensions. Our woven netting can be used for vineyard netting, blueberry netting, or any other crop you wish to protect.

This net requires installation by machine for lengths 100ft or longer. 

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