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JSC Agricultural Supply was founded as Jim’s Supply Co., Inc. in 1959 by Jim and Doreen Boylan. The company started as a structural steel and pipe supplier and in the 80s, expanded to include full on site production of metal trellising materials. Around this same time, JSC also became a distributor of agricultural and fencing supplies to complement their trellising solutions.

2017 brought significant growth for JSC. An expansion into the retail market brought forth an online store. New retail locations in 2018 in Delano, CA and Santa Rosa, CA soon followed. The growth allowed for JSC to expand their product line even further as they began distributing everyday farming items including harvest, safety, and sanitation supplies.


JSC Agricultural Supply is the premier manufacturer of metal trellising solutions, including metal stakes, crossarms, and pipe end posts. Our trellising products are produced daily at our plant in Central California in the USA. JSC Agricultural Supply prides itself on personalized service and solutions for both large and small growers alike.

As a fully integrated manufacturer, we have the flexibility to sell direct to customers and to partner with full service resale accounts in other areas of the USA. JSC Agricultural Supply has the stock capacity to supply growers with standard items immediately, whether the need is for individual components or complete systems. JSC is your one stop shop for all ag supplies! Contact our team today!

We proudly deliver statewide, but we also ship nationally and internationally.

Jim's Supply has two fully stocked warehouses in Central California (Bakersfield) and Northern California (Santa Rosa). Our conveniently located retail stores are located in Delano, CA and Santa Rosa, CA.

Our line of products includes:

  • Metal Stakes
  • Training Stakes
  • Wood Stakes
  • End Posts
  • End Post Signs
  • Anchors
  • T-Posts
  • Crossarms
  • Wire & Wire Accessories, including Gripple
  • Grow Tubes
  • Vine Protection
  • Bird Netting & Bird Scare Tape
  • Misc. Animal Control Products
  • Fencing Supplies
  • Tie Tape
  • Tying Tools
  • Ocloc Post Repair Clamps
  • Shade Cloth
  • Wine Barrel Racks
  • Hoop House Construction Supplies
  • Hop Trellis Supplies
  • Fruit Trellising Supplies