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Seedling survival in the field is a goal not a guarantee. That’s why we pioneered grow tube design.... to ensure your seedlings survive against the many threats that can kill unprotected plants in their first seasons. But like all of our vine, shrub, and tree protection supplies, Plantra Grow Tubes don’t just protect, they act like mini-greenhouses to build and grow the whole plant from the roots to stem and shoots. 

Plantra grow tubes nurture small seedlings into big, healthy and fast-growing plants by optimizing the "Big 4" - Sun Light, CO2, Moisture & Temperature to promote balanced and sustained growth. That’s what makes Plantra Grow Tubes different from traditional "tree protectors, tree-shelters and tree tubes" and that’s why they’re the grower’s choice to get deciduous tree, shrub and vine seedlings to survive, thrive, and succeed the first time, every time!  
Plantra grow tubes come in a range of sizes and sun-managing greenhouse designs because we know that one grow tube doesn't fit every application. From vineyard and orchard establishment to wildlife habitat plantings and future timber stands, we've got a solution to get the job done in your field, woodlot, or backyard. Choose the Plantra "Grow" Tube that's right for you and "get growing" today! 
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