Tree Guying Kit - Wholesale
Tree Guying Kit - Wholesale
Jim's Supply Company, Inc.

Tree Guying Kit - Wholesale

The Tree Guying Kit is an above ground tree anchoring solution to stabilise and straighten the plant.  Supplied in ready to use kits and suitable for use with trees up to 12m tall.

  • Quick - Gripple Plus tensioner allows fast and secure installation
  • Secure - Tension and adjust easily with the Torq Tensioning Tool
  • Safe - Ground level tensioning enables easy and accurate tree straightening, reducing time working at height
  • Protective - Rubber sleeves eliminate frictional damage to trunk
  • Durable - Manufactured using corrosion resistant materials
  • Strong -  Terra-Lock Anchor in the kit is quick to install with a high load capacity

A Drive Tool is required to install this product. 


Upper Cable: 2mm x 12', 7x7 Strand Galv.

Lower Cable: Anchor 2 2mm x 4', 7x7 Strand Galv.

Required Drive Tool: Drive Tool No.2


Upper Cable: 3mm x 14', 1x19 ZnAL

Lower Cable: Anchor 3 3mm x 4', 1x19 Strand ZnAL

Required Drive Tool: Drive Tool No.3 (1m)


Upper Cable: 4mm x 16', 7x7 ZnAL

Lower Cable: Anchor 4 4mm x 4', 1x19 Strand ZnAL

Required Drive Tool: Drive Tool No.3 (1m)


Upper Cable: 6mm x 22', 7x19 ZnAL

Lower Cable: Anchor 4 6mm x 6', 7x19 Strand ZnAL

Required Drive Tool: Drive Tool No.3 (1.5m)

**All kits are available with 3 anchors as standard and 4 anchors are available on request**

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